Deputy receives Certificate of Commendation

Friday, January 13, 2017
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Posted by Cindy Chadwick - (318) 681-0666

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Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator presented the department’s Certificate of Commendation to Sgt. Felix Thomas for his actions on September 29, 2016, when he assisted a driver involved in a tractor-trailer crash.

Thomas was off-duty driving on I-220 at I-20 when he noticed a red tractor trailer on its side. It was evident the vehicle had just crashed because there was dust in the air and the truck’s tires were still spinning. Thomas detoured and stopped to check on the driver.

Thomas observed a man buckled in the driver’s seat. He asked him if he was okay and the driver said his “head was hurting” but he was otherwise “okay.” Thomas used the underbody of the cab to climb onto the passenger side, asking the driver to unlock the doors so he could climb into the cab. After entering the cab, Thomas unbuckled the driver’s seatbelt and told the man to grab his hand so he could pull him to safety.  Thomas guided him in climbing down the undercarriage of the truck, instructing him where to place his hands and feet in order to avoid the exhaust system. Thomas then moved the driver a safe distance from the truck where he was treated by Shreveport Fire Department and where he waited with him until Shreveport Police Department arrived.

The Sheriff’s Office Certificate of Commendation is presented to a deputy or private citizen who demonstrates exceptional service in an emergency or non-emergency situation when the incident is not life threatening for the deputy/citizen.

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