Shooting victim charged as aggressor in attack

Monday, July 10, 2017
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Posted by Cindy Chadwick - (318) 681-0666

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A man who was shot in the neck during an altercation in south Caddo Parish has been arrested in connection with the incident, said Sheriff Steve Prator.

Detectives say Robert Charles Woodson, 63, was the aggressor in a physical altercation that occurred between him and a man who lives behind his property. The two were once related by marriage and had been involved in a long-standing feud.

On July 1, the second man was leaving his residence at 9764 Wallace Lake Road via an easement through Woodson's property at 9766 Wallace Lake Road when Woodson allegedly told him to slow down.  According to Sheriff's Detective Davis Romero, as the man waited for a safe opening in traffic to pull onto Wallace Lake Road, Woodson advanced on his vehicle, entered the cab through an open window, and struck him.  As the attack continued, the man picked up a handgun that he kept on the seat of his truck and struck Woodson on the side of his head causing the gun to discharge. The incident was recorded on cell phone video by the second man. 

Woodson was treated for non-life threatening wounds at University Health.  The other man left the area and called 911 from a location down the street.

After an investigation, Romero obtained a warrant for Woodson’s arrest on charges of Criminal Trespass and Simple Battery. Woodson turned himself in on Friday and was booked into the Caddo Correctional Center.


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