Seven businesses cited for selling alcohol to underage

Monday, May 14, 2018
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Posted by Cindy Chadwick - (318) 681-0666


The Caddo Sheriff’s Office Youth Services Division cited seven people for the illegal sale of alcohol to underage persons in an operation conducted this past week, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator. Twenty-one businesses that were checked did not sell.

The following is a list of employees who were issued a summons for violating the law by selling alcohol to a person under the legal age of 21. Also listed are the locations where the violations took place. The operation was conducted on May 9.  

1.         Isaiah Authrie, 24, The Derrick, 6782 Colquitt Road, Keithville;

2.         Tawfig Ali Mohammed Mosleh, 18, Triple JJJ Travel Plaza, 8311Springridge Texas State Line Road,      Springridge;

3.         Amy Prather, 40, Stonewall Beverage Co., 12800 Mansfield Road, Keithville;

4.         Amina A. Haziyani, 41, S&A Truck Stop, 12300 Mansfield Road, Keithville;

5.         Arshat Aziz Bhimani, 31, Elsie’s Truck Stop, 7101 Hwy. 1, Shreveport;

6.         Janet R. Conly, 57, Super S, 3910 Roy Road, Shreveport; and

7.         Christian E. Bonnevier, 71, Dollar General, 107 Hwy. 1, Oil City.

"As we enter graduation season and the start of summer I just want to commend those businesses and their employees who are following the law and doing their part to keep our children safe," Prator said. "For the seven who received a summons, a word of warning: we will be back. We will keep checking and showing up at your business until everyone is in compliance."

Businesses that did not illegally sell alcohol were:

1.         Relay Station, 10281 Hwy. 1 South in Shreveport;

2.         Circle K #881, 11730 Mansfield Road in Shreveport;

3.         First and Last Stop, 10277 Linwood Ave., Shreveport;

4.         Crawdaddy’s, 12298 Mansfield Road, Keithville;

5.         Lickskillet Liquor, 10106 Hwy. 79, Bethany;

6.         General Store, 6230 Colquitt Road, Keithville;

7.         Relay Station, 9110 Hwy. 79, Greenwood;

8.         Outlaw Bar, 11650 Hwy. 80, Greenwood;

9.         Longwood General Store, 3502 North Hwy. 169, Mooringsport;

10.       Magnolia Club, 22300 Hwy. 1, Rodessa;

11.       JR’s Saloon, 15596 Hwy. 1, Vivian;

12.       7&7 Food Store, 923 South Pine Street, Vivian;

13.       Dub’s Texaco, 120 South Pine Street, Vivian;

14.       E-Z Mart #2, 201 South Pine Street, Vivian;

15.       Cash Magic, 14347 Hwy 1, Vivian;

16.       E-Z Mart #1, 2801 Hwy. 1, Oil City;

17.       Food Fast #84 Exxon, 5875 North Market, Shreveport;

18.       Super S Travel Center, 6950 Mira Myrtis Road, Mira;

19.       Wal-mart, 4701 North Port Blvd., Shreveport;

20.       Dollar General, 430 S. Pine, Vivian; and

21.       Dixie Quick Mart, 7965 Old Mooringsport Road, Shreveport.

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