Caddo Sheriff hosts sniper school

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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Posted by Cindy Chadwick - (318) 681-0666

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Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator is hosting a law enforcement sniper school this week at the Caddo Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy.

The 40-hour course is for designated marksmen who are essential in law enforcement’s response to calls involving active shooters, hostages, or barricade situations. Instruction focuses on developing proficiency in tactical scoped rifle marksmanship, fieldcraft exercises, and observation and reporting skills.

“It’s a completely different skill set than anything else in law enforcement,” said Sheriff’s Cpl. Justin Dunn, a course instructor. “The precision it takes to operate a larger caliber gun and being in higher stress situations, you have to show a lot more patience. You have to be accurate with all types of weapons systems because you could be called upon to use any one of them at any given time.”

In addition to marksmanship, participants are receiving training in shooting moving targets, sniper deployment, maintaining data books, and range estimation.

Eleven deputies and officers from the Caddo, Desoto, and Red River sheriff’s offices; Marshall and Natchitoches police departments; and the Louisiana State Police are attending the school. Instructors are from the Caddo Sheriff’s Office.


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* Note to Media: Each day of the basic sniper course includes outside field and range activities. On Friday, officers and deputies will be dressed in camouflage and ghillie suits to blend in with their environment.  If you would like to attend training on any of these days, contact the Public Information Officer to schedule. Attached are two photos by Caddo Deputy John Phelan from previous SRT sniper training.


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