Caddo deputy Doug Smith receives Louisiana law enforcement award

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
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Posted by Cindy Chadwick - (318) 681-0666

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Caddo Sheriff's Sgt. Doug Smith was honored as Louisiana’s 40 and 8 Law Officer of the Year during the organization’s Grande Promenade Sunday in Opelousas. It was also announced during the ceremony that Smith was selected by the organization to receive its national award later this year.

Smith’s recognition began in January when he was selected to receive the Voiture Locale 137 Law Officer of the Year award and represent the Shreveport-Bossier area in the state competition. The Grande Voiture de la Louisianne Trophies and Awards Committee met in Lafayette in February and endorsed him as the recipient of the annual state award. His local and state endorsements were then considered by a committee in Indianapolis which chose him as the national award recipient.

“I have always said that Caddo sheriff’s deputies are the best anywhere in the country, and Sgt. Smith’s selection as the local, state, and now national Officer of the Year are an example of that,” said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator. “I am very proud of Sgt. Smith’s work and expertise with our new Cyber Crimes Unit, and I’m especially proud to claim him as part of the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office.”    

Smith is a 17-year employee of the Sheriff's Office and has served in Corrections, Patrol, Financial Crimes, and Cyber Crimes.  He is commissioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigations to investigate financial and cyber crimes on a federal task force and is the only F.B.I. Task Force Officer certified in computer forensics in Northwest Louisiana.  Immediately after being commissioned, he investigated a $200 million case assigned to him by the F.B.I. that resulted in an indictment. 

In 2018, he investigated several involved cases that stemmed from a compromised email scam. One scam caused four separate victims to collectively wire approximately $2.2 million to the offenders’ bank accounts.  Those banks accounts were filed with DBA (doing business as) letters to hide their true identities.  After months of state and federal investigation, Smith learned the identity of several “money mules” who were local to the Shreveport area.  They were paid to wire money across the world to different terrorist organizations. The investigation of the “money mules” led Smith to the identity of the organized scheme’s mid-level manager, who originated from Cameroon, Africa.  He too was located in the Shreveport area.  Several arrests were made, including the mid-level manager, and about $750,000 was recovered for the victims.

Over the last year, he investigated 79 cases that resulted in 64 felony arrests and over three-quarters of a million dollars in recovered money that was returned to victims.  In addition, he helped investigate 12 federal cases with the FBI where hundreds of millions of dollars had been stolen.

On Patrol, Smith was a Field Training Officer and taught new patrolmen how to safely and effectively serve and protect their community. For the past eight years he worked as a detective in Financial Crimes and most recently was selected to operate the CPSO’s new Cyber Crimes Unit.

He is often called upon to speak at public forums to help educate citizens, especially the elderly, about protecting themselves from financial crimes.  In addition, he instructs deputies and other officers at the Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy about financial crimes. 

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